2018 Harvest Weekends

Beginning Friday, September 21, 2018, we will be open for Harvest Weekends. We will have a limited supply of apples, jam and cider. Please call ahead to see if we have your favorite variety.

New hours from September 21 through mid-October:

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 PM.

We hope to see you at the barn this fall!


Sunrise in Washington County!

Bonus Business Day: November 8

Good news apple lovers! We still have Yellow Delicious and Ida Red available and as such we will be open one additional day this season: Wednesday, November 8. We will open at noon and will close when the last bushel sells. We suggest calling the orchard before coming out to check on “the inventory”.


This is our last full-time season, but we hope to be open for a few “harvest weekends” in 2018. Please check the website next fall and/or follow us on Facebook for info.

Thank you so much to all the friends, regulars and neighbors who stopped in with cards, kinds words and one amazing apple pie! We appreciate your business and support that you’ve given to us over the past three decades.

We wish you a wonderful fall and holiday season!


Important Orchard Announcement

With mixed emotions, we wanted to let all our friends know that this will be our LAST season of operation. We love our farm (we are not selling, just stepping back from commercial operations), our customers and our community. Please keep following the orchard here on our website and on Facebook – we may have some special ‘harvest weekends’ next fall & be open a limited number of weekends!

We will be open through Sunday, Nov. 5 & hope to see you before we close.

NEW this weekend: IDA RED apples!


October 14-15

This weekend we have Red Delicious, Yellow (Golden) Delicious, Jonagold and Jonathan apples. Great options for snacking and baking! We also have plenty of local apple cider and honey, and our Amish jams make great gifts, too.

We hope you can pay a visit to the orchard soon, just like this butterfly!



October 7-8

Just a quick update to let you know the varieties we have this weekend.

We’ve got Jonathan (a great cooking apple) and Yellow Delicious (eating and baking). New this weekend is Jonagold, which is actually a cross between Jonathan and Yellow Delicious! Jonagold is a bit different from its “parents”, but is great for snacking and baking, too. This year’s Jonagold are HUGE! Come check them out!

Welcome, October!

October marks the arrival of several new apple varieties!  This weekend we have Gala, Jonathan, Spartan and Yellow Delicious.

We also have a very limited supply of Empire. Mother Nature just didn’t work in our favor this year. If Empire is your favorite, you might want to make a point of visiting this orchard this weekend.

We also have apple cider, jams, local Bedillion honey and more. Now that fall weather has returned we’re in the mood to bake some apple treats and whip up some apple sauce!


September 13 to 17

How is it mid-September already! Time is flying by but the good news is APPLE CIDER has arrived and more apple varieties will be ready for harvest shortly.

Please call the orchard ahead of your visit to check on availability of your favorite variety and our harvest timeline. Cortland are almost ready for picking. Stay tuned.

This week we have GALA, GINGER GOLD and McINTOSH apples. All are great eating apples depending on your tastes. Gala is the sweetest and McIntosh is on the tart side. All would serve you well in baking and sauce-making pursuits, as well! Come out to the orchard this week and sample an apple to see which variety you like best!


We’re open!

The 2017 apple season has begun! Like last year, the barn is open from noon to 5 PM, Wednesday through Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday). Please note, we are a rustic farm stand! We haven’t changed many operations over the past 30 years. This means we can provide our apples at a fair price… This also means our apple barn has a gravel floor and we are a CASH ONLY business!


Unloading Gala from the farm truck. Taggart’s Orchard, 2017.

We currently have Gala, Paula Red and Ginger Gold apples, as well as local peaches. We also have a selection of jams and jellies from Amish country. Fresh cider won’t be available for another week or two – cider apples must be harvested and processed first.

These cool nights we’ve been having recently will help color and ripen our later varieties. Fingers crossed! Hope to see you at the orchard soon!

–The Taggart Family


“Official” Taggart’s Applesauce

Available at the orchard this week: Gala, Macoun, Spartan & Cortland. 

(Empire could mature as early as this weekend – please call the orchard for the most up-to-date list of what’s ripe)


One of the most common questions we hear at our apple stand is “What’s the best cooking apple?” Our answer is “Any apple makes for a good cooking apple”!  It’s true!

With the exception of Red Delicious, which is strictly a snacking apple, any of our varieties would work just fine in your pies, crisps, cobblers, breads and sauces.  Sure, there might be a few qualities to consider: A firmer apple will hold its shape better in a pie and a tarter apple might be a better choice in recipes with added sugar.  But don’t over think it!

In our homes, we simply use what we have on hand – more often than not it’s a mixture of varieties.  Keeping that in mind, we’d like to share the “official” Taggart applesauce method!


  1. Gather your apples. This batch contained Gala, Macintosh, Ginger Gold, Cortland and Empire (whatever you have on hand).
  2. Peel, core and slice – no need to chop or dice!
  3. Place in a slow cooker.
  4. Heat on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours.

That’s it!

I prefer my sauce with a chunkier, rustic texture – I simply stir the cooked mixture with a spoon and call it a day.  Alternatively, you could use a blender for a smoother puree.  I typically keep mine sugar free but feel free to add sugar and/or cinnamon to taste.  It’s ready to eat, store in the fridge or freeze!




Cider has Arrived!

TGIF, apple lovers!

This weekend we have apple cider in stock, as well as Gala and Ginger Gold apples.  As we move into mid-September we’ll be harvesting additional varieties.  Give the orchard a call to check on the availability of your favorite.


We also have a selection of Amish-style preserves, snacks and  apple and pumpkin butters.  New in 2016: Apple syrup!  Give it a try on waffles or apple pancakes!

Hope to see you at the orchard soon!


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