End of the Season: November 8

November is here, and all our apples have been harvested.  Since we lack long-term apple storage, we only sell fruit fresh from the tree.  Therefore, our last day of the 2015 season will be Sunday, November 8.

This week we have (while supplies last!):

Red Delicious: Sweet and crunchy.  Great for snacking and salads.

Golden Delicious: Perfect for snacking and baking, sauce-making.

Melrose: Similar to a Gala or Jonagold. Juicy and sweet, but not too sweet.

Ida Red: The tartest apple we have now. Ideal for holiday pies!

Speaking of the holidays, our fresh apples should keep in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.  If you’re thinking about making an apple pie for Thanksgiving, make one last trip to the orchard to stock up!  We also have jams and local honey, which make a nice host/hostess gift.

Here are the last of our throwback photos, as we wrap up our 30th anniversary year:

Have you ever wondered how a commercial apple washer works? Or what one looks like?  Oh, you haven’t?!  Well, let us show you ours, anyway!

1990 | Kermit operates the new apple washer.

1990 | Kermit operates the new apple washer.

The apples are brought into a tunnel where they are rinsed clean with spring water – very similar to a car wash!  They are gently scrubbed with the white sponge rollers; then buffed with the black brush rollers.  At the end they roll into a padded collection area where we inspect and sort each one.

1995 | Taggart grandchildren pick apples.

1995 | Taggart grandchildren pick apples.

While this photo might have been a “tiny” bit staged – with their matching Taggart sweatshirts and decorative baskets – Taggart’s is very much a family business.  Four generations of Taggarts now live and work on the family farm.  And if you visit the barn during the week, you may have met our dear neighbor, Carol, who assists with sales.  Other than a few extra friends who have helped with large harvests – that’s it!

2015 | welcome to the orchard

2015 | welcome to the orchard

Thank you for supporting local agriculture this year.  We hope to see you this week and check our Facebook and Instagram during the off-season for a preview of the 2016 apple crop!



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